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Old 02-04-2007, 11:12 AM
WJ Admin WJ Admin is offline
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On behalf of all at Worldwide JAM, a big thanks to the guys from Lincoln who made this weekends workshop such a great event.

We're now writing up a feature report which will be going up on the site this afternoon and we'd like some feedback from those who attended.

Please use this thread to add your comments. Was it good? Just plain brilliant? Too hard?

I'm sure there must have been some aching bodies on Sunday but as you now know, WJ Workshops are not just about technique, just as important is your personal conditioning. Without developing your endurance and strength you're limiting your potential and increasing the chances of injury.

Great effort guys, look forward to seeing you all again soon.
Worldwide JAM
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Old 02-04-2007, 04:28 PM
Wizey Wizey is offline
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I thought the workshop was great.

I really enjoyed the warmup, it taught a lot about self discipline. And I feel loads better from it. Admittedly I was aching quite alot on Sunday, but it was worth it. The equipment was great, I really loved the bars and practising vaults with varying dive lengths.

Thanks to all involved for a great day, I would love to meet Binary and Jason again sometime.

Andrew, are you putting up all the pictures from it? Some of he angles must look great!
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Old 02-04-2007, 05:34 PM
Trousers Trousers is offline
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Well, what can I say, absolutely loved it again. The warm-up/conditioning session at the start was great, showed me how much harder I should be working and it was good to dedicate some more time to that aspect.

Was great to meet Jason, learnt a lot from him, also great to see Dale, Stuart and Brad.

The workshop just made me want to train harder and dedicate even more time to what I love; Parkour.

Thanks Andrew, Jason, Dale, Binary and Stuart I really enjoyed the workshop and hope to attend one again in the future.

To anyone thinking about attending a workshop, I highly recommend them! Whether you're a beginniner or you've had some experience, you're sure to take away some invaluable information that is going to aid your training in the future!

Thanks again guys

Ben -

If you're wondering who I was i'm the guy on the 9th picture on the extra pictures page, haha thanks Andrew
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Old 02-04-2007, 05:35 PM
tumo tumo is offline
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the workshop was very well structured. unfortunately, my knee jarred. so couldnt do much.


and i owe binary and jason for those grapes... but god i can play keepie uppies with grapes
Team Awesome!!!!
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Old 02-04-2007, 05:35 PM
LPK Ryan LPK Ryan is offline
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The workshop was such a great atmosphere, everybody was training, sweating, and giving it all they've got! mostly everybody had a smile on their face while they were given time to perfect their movements on the equipment provided. As they were given choice to train on what ever they liked.
I felt that my confidence within training has risen slightly due to the workshop. My body was aching slightly afterwards, but to be honest i think we all felt that the day after!

- Workshop saturday and training sunday really took it out of me! and to be honest id love to feel like that every weekend. To known ive trained myself to a certain extent.

- Have to say a big thank you to Andrew, Brad, Jason and Stuart from WWJ for teaching good techniques and physically pushing me. Motivating me to go that one step further. Got to say thankyou to Dale and Jim for helping out, teaching, and being able to drag themselves out of bed in the morning, haha.

More weekends have to be like this in the near future, and looking forward to meeting Brad, and Jason again shortly!

My Blogger
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Old 02-04-2007, 07:11 PM
Gainey Gainey is offline
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Location: Lincoln, UK
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What can i say?
The workshop was so much fun, my first time, and i thoroughly enjoyed it.
Not only was it fun, it taught me a lot about self discipline and how important a good warm up is.

I would like to thank Jason, Binary, Stu and Dale for coaching and also Andrew. Thanks for making a great weekend for me.

Hope to see Jason and Binary again soon.

And another workshop as well in the near future FTW!

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