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Old 09-10-2008, 09:38 PM
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Default Starting

Hey all, I've seen a few video's on youtube and of Parkour and freerunning and I think its pretty amazing at what people that look no older than my age (17) are doing and I'd like to start/try out parkour a bit.....only problems are: Im 6'2 and like...skinny ish,, is that a problem? I go to the gym once a week for about 2 hours but would go more if I knew what I actually needed to do :roll:. I did used to dabble in gymnastics (nothing major, just practicing on horse boxes and the occasional trampoline) and can jump quite high (dont know if that helps?) But yeah, without babbling on and without sounding like I want to be spoon fed, being 6'2 would I be able to start parkour and get to a good level in like a year and a half of constant training or would my height restrict me to the smaller stuff like jumps? Also, what would I need to train and how? Would it be going to the gym 2/3 days a week for a few hours and doing weights for arms, bisceps, triceps, legs and chest or more diverse stuff like sit up's, pull up's or would you guys/girls say they have the same affect?

Wish I knew some people in my area that practice parkour but I've never seen anything even close advertised in the papers or met people like it, live in Conwy area in North Wales if anyone is from there...

Any help would be awesome though guys xxx
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Old 26-10-2008, 11:35 AM
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Default Re: Starting

First of welcome to Jam.

Height and body weight is never a problem within Parkour / Freerun. Just start of with the basics and slowly work on them. Conditioning your body to become stronger for Parkour will be really benificial so going to the gym will help alot. Dont go straight into practising big jumps and huge drops as your joints and muscles wont be strong enough yet.

Just look at the basics page below and go from there, take is slow and train safely. Within a year of GOOD, SOLID training you should be at a very respectable level.

Good luck with your training, hope all goes well.
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