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Old 10-11-2009, 06:25 PM
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Default nonE!

uhm .. im new here and dont train very much as there arent many places to train. does anyone here live in Long island? i would like to get started but have a feeling im not as strong as i think i am to do some of the stuff you guys do. my goal is to hold a handstand for 10 sec or 20 sec and i cant hold it for 5 right now lol. if there is anyone that wants to jam. contact me. my aim is on my profile. and i have skype and yahoo.. and oovoo.. i dont have them up .. you have to ask me .. if anyone has any advice for ground work outs .. that would be nice too.. besides pushups and pull ups .. i do enough of those already i can do about 60 or 70 in a row if i really tried.. lol idk if thats really tahat good.. but for confidence reasons i like to think it is .
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