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Old 24-01-2008, 03:05 AM
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Default What not to do to get hurt.

Hi there,
I am a newbee and live in the french countryside where there are no clubs or interest except walking.
I want to start parkour and looks like I am all alone as no one I know is interested in doing it with me even though i have to start a fitness programme it means doing it by myself.
I wondered if anyone knew of parkour courses in france or web sites I live four hours from paris and am unemployed so that's not an option.
Obviously I don't wish to start off by hurting myself so it would help if anyone that's got hurt during parkour could illuminate me into not doing what you did. Also are their any web sites that I can download free parkour moves from ie moving images. as well as the exercises that are best.
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Old 05-02-2008, 10:21 AM
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Default Re: What not to do to get hurt.

Start off by staying well within your limits, and you will find you don't have to push them, because you will improve just by moving around. You will learn a lot about your body in this time, and get to know your limits, and ways you could get hurt.

Other than that, just make sure you are warm, and be aware of the surfaces you are training on.

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Old 07-02-2008, 04:22 PM
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Default Re: What not to do to get hurt.

That's good advice

Don't push yourself into what you don't feel comfortable doing yet. Thats how you get hurt because you're not 100% into doing the move. I smacked my shin of the corner of a wall once trying to learn the Monkey, but i found the movement quite strange so i didn't fully commit. I still bare the dented scar :S Lovely lol.

Don't train when it's wet, you might slip and permenantly damage your confidence to try new things. Aswell as your body lol :P

Start with the basics and repeat them over and over until you are completely comfortable with it You can find tutorials on how to do the basics quite easily. They're usually on forums. do some goods ones (sorry to mention a different forum lol)

DONT pay for lessons! You should never have to pay to learn parkour. Try and find some other traceurs and i'm sure they'd be happy to help you out Tis the Parkour spirit ^_^
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