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Old 13-01-2010, 08:00 AM
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Default World first Parkour magazine

As taken from the Parkour Generations website.

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with SPIKED Magazine that will see the extreme sports publication develop over the coming issues into a full-blown parkour magazine, the first in-print parkour mag in the world! The SPIKED ethos is to promote the principal that sport is available to anyone, at any age, at any level, and to encourage confidence and self-reliance through physical activity - an ethos that fits perfectly with our own. With the new partnership, SPIKED and Parkour Generations will be working together to promote a healthy lifestyle through participation in Parkour, providing in-depth interviews with some of the founders and leading practitioners, plus articles on the Parkour spirit, the way of life and how to get involved. Packed with features that involves the global parkour community, we will be regularly requesting submissions of articles, photos and the like from you all to put into the magazine. The next edition of SPIKED will be on sale at the end of February, which will include a 25-page official dedicated section on Parkour as a lead-up to the launch of the full magazine in due course. You can pre-order it from and SPIKED is delivered to anywhere in the world. Make sure you get a copy of this historic first issue..!
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