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Old 24-11-2009, 11:19 AM
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Default My introduction and questions

Hi Everyone, nice to meet you.
My names Steve, Im from Wakefield, England. Im 29 and do alot of weights, mostly strength work, but little cardio. Dietwise Im using a guy named Shelby Starnes from the states to help me with that, very clean bodybuilders diet.
Im wanting to start Parkour and just have a few questions really.There is a group of people meet on a weekend locally, but due to family obligations, Id struggle to meet them consistently so training would mostly be solo.

Starting out - Ive bought a book - Parkour/Freerunning - a handbook, which Ive read through and about to start going through the training drills from it - is this a good way to start or should I try to find an instructor? Or are there good training programs to follow?

The more acrobatic stuff - Dont get me wrong here, Im in no way expecting to back flip from a forty foot building in a week. but just wondering for the future (months/years) when Ive got all the basics covered and Im ready to advance myself further, does the capability to perform these come easily from learning parkour, or would finding an acrobatic coach be necessary?

Thanks in advance for your replies

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Old 10-03-2012, 04:35 PM
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I don't know many people who bothered with a training coach, and some of the best runners I know have never bothered with a training coach.

On the acrobatics side however, it is not nessecary at all, but i would reccomend it. Doing a Gymnastics class was one of the best things I ever did, without the support of the instructors (who knew I was doing it purely for freerunning) I doubt I would've learnt the flips I did in the amount of time I learnt them in.
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